“When our colleague, señor Garcia, reported back to us, we asked him what he had found.

“Gold” he replied. “We’ve found gold”.

30 meters below the hard crust of the Atacama desert, señor Garcia and his team had drilled down to a Jurassic sea. Untouched for millions of years, its pure, mineral rich water flooded out in the temporary salines and within hours the amazing result was discovered.

The great surprise

Not only did the sea contain salt, or sodium. It also included several other minerals that are vital for human health. But what surprised señor Garcia was not the mixture of salts. It was that the minerals themselves were baked together in such a fashion that they formed homogenous, microscopic lumps. Each grain was consistent with the other. Each grain comprised of 2/3 sodium and 1/3 potassium. Each grain would mix, blend and perform like an ordinary salt. Only with less sodium.

We couldn’t wait to get there.”